Our Mission:

Say Hello to your best Self

We all have good days and bad days… but you can have more good days and even better days. Whether you are seeking happiness, stronger relationships, better sleep or guidance through a life changing moment, HelloSelf is your life coach in your pocket.

HelloSelf works with you to easily test the changes you can make to your life and measure their impact on your mind. Find out what works for you and say Hello to your best Self


Our Promise

1.  We believe that your brain, your mind and your Self is private. That is why HelloSelf is private. We do not show you adverts. We do NOT share your data with any other companies. You can control or delete your data at any point that you want to. We will always explain to you why we are recommending what we recommend. You are in control… because its your Self.

2.  We’re committed to scientific research and invite you to provide anonymised data to help improve humanity’s understanding of minds. We are working with scientists at Oxford, MIT and National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery to accelerate discoveries about minds. We believe that by unlocking the potential of the 6bn minds on our planet we are best placed to solve the challenges that the universe will throw at our species. You and your mind are part of this mission.

Thank you.


How it works

HelloSelf is your life coach in your pocket...

...helping you find out what works for you so you can say Hello to your best Self.

Be Happier / Sleep better / Have Better Relationships / Navigate Life Changes



Find out about your self

Track how your mind changes over time with our easy tools and discover things you never knew about your mind and personality

From IQ to personality the first step to being your best Self if understanding who you are.




find out what works for you

Work with your digital lifecoach to become happier, sleep better, go through a life change or work on a relationship... we will help you find out what works for you and help you stick to it.



speak to experts who can help

Speak to our qualified psychotherapists through video: Convenient, Effective and Affordable


Since working with HelloSelf I've never been happier. Looking after my Self has been the best thing I've done for me and my family.

Charlie - HelloSelf user


Why use HelloSelf

People are not their best selves most of the time, which is a waste of human potential and precious time. We don’t look after our minds and even if we do, different things work for different people… so its difficult to know what will work for ‘me’. This leads to unhappy lives, unfulfilled potential, lack of sleep, poor relationships and even metal illness.

We want to help you be you best Self.


Be happier

Only 30% of people are 'happy with their life.

We can live happier more fulfiled lives. The science of Happieness is exploding... and we are here to help you discover what are the secret ingredients of happiness for your mind. We can't promise you'll be happy all the time... but we will work with you to make sure you are your best Self more often

Better relationships

When you take two people and put them together things can always get complicated... but relationships are a key part of keeping a happy and healthy Self. Friendships, partnerships, marriages, families - We're here to help you be your best Self for yourself and those around you.

Sleep better

70% of people dont get enough quality sleep.

Sleep is an essential ingredient in being your best Self. We keep track of the latest breakthroughs in sleep science to make sure we can help you get the time to recharge you Self.

Sleep can literally change the way the world looks

Life changes

Lifechanges effect the person you are. Whether you are getting married, breaking up, having a child, have lost someone, have changed jobs, have been ill or are moving to a new area... big changes will change the person you are... and we're here to help you discover what your new best Self is like.